Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A Guide to Children & Grief

A GUIDE TO CHILDREN & GRIEF: What You Should Know & How You Can Help by Miri Rossitto is an important new ebook which addresses the special needs of children and grief. Available at http://www.valleyoflife.com, in keeping with its full range of information, this helpful ebook also breaks down grieving into age groups as children at different stages of development demonstate and articulate their grieving differently.

Miri Rossitto says,

"By the age of 18, one in five children will experience the death of someone close to them.
One in 20 children experience the death of one or both of their parents before they turn 15.
Yet despite these astounding statistics, few general resources exist on how to help grieving children. This Guide to Children and Grief is intended to provide an introduction to issues common to grieving children.

"You will learn:
• how children grieve differently than adults
• what to say and do to help grieving children
• where to find additional resources to help you and the child

"This guide is intended to help the parents, teachers, friends, and mentors who provide comfort and support during a child's grieving process.

"Grief is a natural, healthy human process for recovering after a major loss. Although the experience of grief is difficult, it's crucial for emotional growth. Like any suppressed emotional response, unreconciled grief can have significant negative effects. As a responsible, caring adult, your task is important: allow the child or children to fully experience and learn from their grief."

Bravo to author Miri Rossitto for helping children to grieve and heal by providing this excellent resource to the adults who care for them.


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