Thursday, January 08, 2009

Open to Hope Foundation

In keeping with the New Year, my gift to all grieving a painful loss is this introduction to the Open to Hope Foundation.

The mission of the Open to Hope Foundation is to help those who have suffered a loss to cope with their pain and find hope for the future. They are an online resource center for people who have experienced loss. Their vision is that all people who experience loss will be able to learn to live with their grief, cope with their pain, and invest in their future. It is their goal to provide information and resources for people who have experienced loss, provide a forum where people who have experienced loss can learn from and help each other, and provide educational grants and networking support for those whose studies are focused on improving the care of people who grieve.

I join Heidi Horsley, Executive Director, Open to Hope Foundation, in:
"Wishing you and all those in our bereavement community, peace, healing, and hope in 2009".


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